Master Mender

Seen through the eyes of John


The time, 30 A.D. The setting, Jerusalem, warm breezes and budding trees marks the beginning of Spring. It was a more difficult time than years past. In a political sense the world was united. The great Roman Empire held sway. Their laws bound the world together in one great unit.  But underlying that was a religious sect at work. There were the Pharisees, very punctilious in their observations of the religious laws, but they utterly disregarded purity of heart and the mercy, love and faith which were inherent in the true law of God.  They looked for the coming Christ that was prophesied long ago.  They were looking for a Messiah who would lead them in a revolt against the Roman authorities.

But a faithful remnant remained, a hidden few people who looked for redemption in Jerusalem, and were ready for His appearing. Among them was a common fisherman named John, son of Zebedee. He along with many others experienced love unlike any other through one man.  This is his experience; this is what he saw along side the Master Mender.

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Master Mender from River City on Vimeo.

Master Mender Times!

Sunday 15th at 1:30 pm – Set up Props at River City.
Sunday 22nd at 2:00-7 pm – First MM Practice
Saturday 28th 9a.m-4pm – MM practice
March 29th – 7 pm MM Performance 7pm
April 2-4th – MM performance 7pm

Presented by River City Church in Boise

Master Mender


Sun__March 29th
Thu____April 2nd
Fri____April 3rd
Sat____April 4th

7pm Nightly

Free Admission

Free-will offering to be taken.

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